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Palestine needs YOUR support!!!!

Mostly people don't know the history of Palestine and the reason of "Palestine and Israel war".

The short summary of the history of Palestine is that Palestine is a sacred place for Muslims,Christians and Jews due to Majid-e-Aqsa.Muslims ruled this place since it was conquered by Sultan Salah-ud-din Ayubi.After that there was conflict that Palestine is not a state rather it is a part of Israel.Israel started to take over the palestine by force & started to kill the innocents mainly the women,childern, and eldelrly people.Palestinians were not supported by anyone so Israel started to become more opressive and dictator,and there was no one who tried to stopped this brutal genocide at international level.The Palestinians started to protest against all this but all in vain.At last,an activist and Palestinian Imam AHMED YASSIN founded a military organization namely HAMAS in 1987 to stop the violence.Since 2007,Hamas has fought many wars with Israel and was considersd as a terrorist organization by many countries.On Oct,07,2023 Hamas attacked on Israel mainly to protect the Muslims in Gaza Strp.On Oct,13 the Israeli PM said to evacute the Gaza which has over one million population.LITERALLY OVER A MILLION!!!
Now my question is that why Palestinians are considered as terrorists why they are asking the world for help.BECAUSE they are tired of the murders of their dear ones.Every morning they woke up,they face deaths,that's why they are attacking Israel right now.Just imagine that one morning you woke and your whole family is killed by your enemies and you are the only one who is left.What will you do,obviously you will want to kill your enemy.That's what the Palestinians are doing right now.NOW it is up to us how much we raise our voice for them.How much we support them?How much we donate them so that they could get their medicines and food?How much we spread the awareness about the facts cause social media is literally trying to prove them as terrorists.Responsibility is totaly onto US to help them.Help the Palestinians.SAVE THEM BY YOUR DONATIONS.BY YOUR POSTS.BY YOUR PRAYERS.....ALL THEY NEED IS YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!undefined
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