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I talk, you talk, & we create a resonant buzz

It is the interactivity that makes Web 2.0 such an appealing tool. We are able to understand how receptive people are of what we have to say, through their feedback. Unless we hear back from our audience, it is not possible to improve on our efforts. The interactivity is also important to understand if what we do is making its mark; it is easier to address the gap only if we know about it. Hearing back from a reader certainly excites me and encourages me to write more, to voice out my thoughts. It also adds to one’s journey of knowing. It adds value to what one has to say and it builds the noise that an individual makes.

The benefits of Web 2.0 on global women’s movement are immense. With the advent of the internet, the world became so much smaller. Web 2.0 enhanced this global movement by bringing leaders from all corners of the world together, online. Real-time group discussions facilitate the creation of voices, and this creates a buzz. For instance, one woman from Africa raises concern about domestic violence which then is almost immediately empathized by someone in the Maldives, which then is followed by another person in Brazil and etc; thus creating a dialogue of shared experiences of the suffering as well as of the actions taken to curb the problem.

This interactivity is cost-effective compared to the conventional meetings that brought people from different countries together to one physical location. In this conventional medium of exchange of expertise, most often we find women being sidelined as women most often are the key players within the household affairs thus taking backstage due to family commitment. Web 2.0 is more inclusive as it provides accessibility to women from a wider spectrum, may they be professionals working from the comfort of a corporate workstation or those housewives confined to their home. With a network connection, we are always in a ‘conference’ of sharing what we know, and seeking solutions. Thus, empowering women, and creating a global women’s movement.

This empowerment allows individuals to take center stage. Just one lone soul, living in the Maldives is able to reach to hundreds of, thousands or even millions of people out there. Through my shared experience of my life over at my personal blog, I have met so many beautiful souls with similar experiences. I have also come across empowered women and gender sensitized men who have more forethought to not endure absurdity of life; to face it fair and square and stand for what one believes. This is what Web 2.0 does for me, for you, for all the people who need a way to raise their voice. Sometimes it is difficult to confess and voice out against atrocities that you put up with because of its sheer absurdity. Web 2.0 lets you do it anonymously if you chose that, and in time it gives you the strength to stand up, to raise your voice, to make a change.

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