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Initiative Update

I think my best value is Collaboration

paintings turned into Postcards, prints donated to Batis-AWARE

Vital Voices - Batis AWARE –World Pulse

I am grateful and honored to be part of VV lead , it’s a vital voices program, empowering social entrepreneurs and women leaders from profit and non profit organizations.

June 5th – 9th 2017, as a representative and leader of Batis AWARE, I was invited to be part of VVlead program and took the chance to showcase #ETA or #empowermentthoughArt all the way from Manila Philippines to South Africa,

Same as what I usually do here in Philippines, I displayed BA products, artworks and also collected artworks from artists who donated their prints for ETA’s fund raising campaign for Batis AWARE. How amazing people donated their prints for a cause, I was surprised when I asked for crowdsourcing and funding for painting turned into post cards, which I learned from ADC, The riffle effect is unstoppable. Friends, families, people who loved art and advocacy for migrant women and children are undeniably amazing, I thank everyone who supported Batis-AWARE and Empowerment Through Art.

It was an amazing experience, my feelings was indescribable, chills when I met this fifty extraordinary women from all over the globe, who are doing different things but has same mission, similarly with what I learned from Advance Digital Change making training last January up to April this year here in World Pulse. I brought all the learning's from WP and the Empowerment Through Art in South Africa. This experience made me see a bigger picture on saving the world. I saw how powerful arewomen in solidarity, who hasthe same mission, CHANGING THE WORLD INTO A BETTER PLACE .

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