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I Tried To Save Mother And Son, But They Died!

I am from a family of seven and the first girl. It all started with my third follower getting married at the age of eighteen. When his wife gave birth to her third child, she was constantly sick and having problems with the husband, but could not let anyone know the reason for their problem. I remember the day she came to my shop and said that, thank God she is not having AIDS. A few months afterword she was sick and admitted in the hospital.

One day one of my cousins came to me and said, a nurse has told her to tell me to ask for the hospital book of my brother’s wife. When I did so she did not give me until when I got to the hospital, I met her and even though sick she was being abused by her mother and sister. So I told them that I wanted to go and buy her drugs myself. So they gave me the book and asked me to go to the “Day Clinic”. On getting there I was told she was HIV positive and her CD4 count was very low.

Unfortunately for me she died 3 days after that. Before her death her son who was living with the mother came and his stomach was looking very big. When I ask why, I was told that it is nature but when I took him to the hospital he was tested positive too like his late mum and CD4 count below 500 and we started his on treatment.

Unfortunately again he too died at the age of 12.This is when I now developed my passion for helping those with HIV.

That how I landed on coconut oil production to boost the immune system provides calcium helps in brain problem and it is also a cleanser.

This problem which affected my family badly and solution that I am providing has enabled me to reach out to many persons in need.

I am using technology tools such as emails and social media to connect with my clients. I will be very pleased to connect with World Pulse sisters and other entrepreneurs in the world so that we can together seek more solutions to help our community.

I also wish to someday sell my products online.

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