I was scared to even think of photography as my dream..!!

photography of a fountain by nabisha Javed

Photo Credit: @flybymemories + on instagram


Ever since I was a child I thought certain works were assigned or assumed to be for Men. My limiting beliefs were too strong. I have always been the type of girl who wants to do so many things at the same time. I am exploring every other thing I see. I loved photography as a career but my circle was not in support of a girl joining photography as a career. I was working on digital media part-time and was earning little money through it. I was diligent and loved that work. Whenever I Saw a photographer I admired them I would watch them and sigh with dreadful eyes. That's when I asked my father if I wanted a camera for photography and he said no and he said for what? I said photography he said I will not allow you to go outside and work alongside men, If you want to do anything it has to be based at home.

And then I started with what I had, an Instagram account and an android I started doing photography on that platform. I made reels. I made more money from my part-time job and bought My first iPhone. I joined my university's photography club and thought of it just as a hobby but one day I thought I would make it my career no one can stop me from dreaming. hence I just want you all to know regardless of your situation you can at least dream - what you are seeking is also seeking you. Keep following your passion, breaking stereotypes, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Your story serves as a reminder that anyone can overcome challenges and make their dreams a reality with perseverance and creativity even if it is the smallest incident for a big change share it.

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