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I wish,oh how I wish........

I Wish, oh how I wish……….
I look at her driving a nice car, her hair well done and her nails oh so pretty. I look around and I see how everyone is looking at her wishing they were in her shoes. She walks around oblivious to all these whispers and stares and as she slowly walks from one aisle to the next picking and throwing whatever tickles her fancy the stares grow all so admiringly. I have seen this woman from my window so I know why she is walking so slowly, I know why she has this blank expression on her face and I know that behind that mask of makeup are scratches and bruises from the previous night. She hesitates to go to the till point to pay and she goes for another round in the shop. They look at her and they wish but because I know I wish, yes I wish they knew what she was going through. I see how she is dragging her feet, but as they look on and admire they see an elegant glide of a woman who has no worries in the world. As they whisper and point at her Jimmy Choos, I almost hear her wishing she was wearing flat pumps, because the road she has walked is rough and steep, she is tired and weary and yes I wish oh I wish they knew that she does not know where she is going.
She greets the lady at the till with her soft voice and a smile that only I see is really all she has and can give. As she fumbles threw her Louis vitton purse to get the one of many credit cards, I know she can see it but is trying to buy time. As she walks off with shopping bags so many that she needs 2 men to help they look and wish they were her, but as she walks off from all these friendly warm faces her heart is crying for a friend. As she drives off and the 2 men smile because she gave them a big tip she feels good inside to have made someone else smile. “blessed woman” they say but as her car disappears from my view I wish oh I wish they knew what awaits her.
When they see her driving in they wonder what gold and silver adorn this house because from outside it is so picture perfect, so peaceful and the house wow so big, a mansion fit for a king. She looks back as if wishing for a few more minutes just to get another glimpse of all those friendly faces. Head bowed down and heart pounding she walks in to face her fait. Inside her heart she is crying so much because no one knows and it seems no one cares what happens to her behind those doors.
I look and I wish YES I wish I could set her free, I wish I could tell her it is going to be ok. I wish I could be that voice in the radio encouraging her to be brave enough to speak. I wish I could be the hand that hugs her and tells her that all will be ok. I wish I could be the one who has written the book she is reading and I tell her that she is worth much more than “he” tells her. I wish I will be the at the auction where when it’s her turn to be sold I simply smile at her at tell her she is priceless.
I want to be the voice that represents hope, courage and ambition. I want to break that silence that rings so loudly in my ears behind those doors within our communities. I just wish that one day being a correspondent and from my writing I will have made a difference in not one but a lot of women and children out there suffering in silence. I hope to one day hear of how I helped them break out of their shell and be the butterflies they were meant to be. I wish yes I wish…………

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