Ichra Mob Case in Pakistan.

Ichra Mob Case:

On February 25, 2024, an incident known as the Ichra Mob case occurred, where a woman was surrounded by a crowd. The woman was wearing a dress adorned with Arabic calligraphy. The crowd claimed that these were verses from the Quran. However, these ignorant individuals were unaware that the text was indeed Arabic, but its meaning was "beautiful" and "life." Those who disrespect women in the name of Islam have no knowledge of the religion, as Islam is the only religion that emphasizes the respect and rights of women. There is an entire surah dedicated to the rights of women. If these individuals were aware of these rights, they would not have committed such a despicable act. Islam is not about spreading chaos, injustice, and indecency. So, please refrain from portraying it negatively.


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