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If the sun returns to the South without the rain, why Africa?

As the northern summer wears away, I look at the sun returning to the south with hope in my eyes. I think when the sun comes it might bring rain coming with it right up to where my Mother tills the land. I think that since the summer has been wet in many places in the north. But I am told by meteorologists that if it brings rain, it will bring too much rain- El Nino to destroy. I have hope then only if it rains before the sun comes and then, there will be fruit ripening in orchards,green farms carrying, wheat and maize. I think that cows might stop miscarrying their calves because the grass will grow. I think that the Mara will again teem with life if we plant trees daily.

But If the sun comes and finds that the rains did not come, there will be a fire close to hell's own and the people up in northern Kenya whose children are already dying of hunger will also collapse and die from eating poisonous fruits. And if El Nino comes, the scientists also say it will be followed by La Nina, that is a drought dry and destructive. I ask myself, a question the West often asks of us and wonders, how is it we call on God so often, to bring the rain and to make some people rainmakers? Rhetorically, I ask, "how is it possible to live without mentioning God here and reminding God we are those who live here below the sun?

Beseeching Her like women did in the olden days, with tears and cries, as My Mother was telling me. That they without doubt were the prophets; the priests who poured out in the little village paths asking God to send them rain so that mtama, njahi, kunde, mbaazi and viazi grow for food. But today, the women are not natural priests or prophets anymore. May be that is why the skies breathe fire and so does the earth.

If the elements are our ‘gods’, still then something is very wrong somewhere in all the atoms and cells that make us! In science and in the news, they tell us about emissions of gases that are killing the earth and how we must return to green. And the men? They are still staring at the short skirt heaved up by warm leggings in the night of the city in the sun where even some wear boots and clop!

One evening, my friend and I lay calmly talking and suddenly he said to me with his emphatic, "Oh, yes!" very characteristic of his thoughts, "Oh, yes!" he said. "Maybe this is what happened to Mars and Venus in the past... at least to Mars.. it just dried up.

"Oh! Yes!" came the chorus again, may be in some years humanity will be faced off the earth. I wanted to intervene and tell him that I thought if this was so, the northern part of the globe would be left for a longer time even as our north which is really in the South dies.

I cannot imagine Ireland not being green. I wonder has it started becoming a desert and how do the emissions show up there? And I cannot imagine the Nordics being this burning hot? Bad news. The gas emissions are killing Africa and the South fastest. What happened that everything horrible hits my continent hardest? So I pray for rain that does not come with pain and 'rainmakers' that also make hope and faith and sometimes love.

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