If you consider yourself kind and always give money to beggars, please read this.

Photo Credit: Journalist Dhara Patel

Journalist Dharaa Patel

An estimated 500,000 people—that's half a million people—are beggars in India. Furthermore, this is the case even though it is illegal to beg in the majority of Indian states.

Beggars can be broadly divided into two groups. The ones who are compelled to beg because they have no other option and the ones who have perfected the craft and profit handsomely from it.

Although there are cases of destitution, begging is frequently done by members of organised gangs. Each beggar gives their earnings to the gang leader in exchange for the right to beg in a specific area, and the ringleader keeps a sizable portion of the money. In an effort to obtain more money, beggars have even been known to purposefully harm and deform themselves.

Furthermore, a lot of kids are kidnapped in India and made to beg. The figures are concerning. The Indian National Human Rights Commission estimates that up to 40,000 children are kidnapped annually. Over ten thousand of them are still unaccounted for. Furthermore, it is reported that 300,000 youngsters in India are coerced into beggining, beaten, and given drugs on a daily basis. The human trafficking cartels run a multimillion dollar industry. Because they frequently believe that the children are with family or other acquaintances, police rarely take action to address the issue. In addition, the legislation regarding the treatment of juvenile panhandlers is inconsistent. Too young for punishment, many are.

India has done a great deal of humanitarian work, with varied degrees of success, to try and reduce begging. This effort has included giving jobs to beggars. The most frequent issue is that beggars would much rather not work since they are so accustomed to begging. Furthermore, a lot of them earn more money by begging than they would from working.

If you engage in these kinds of actions in the name of a religion or in accordance with an astrologer's advice, you will not benefit. You must manage your finances wisely or you will bear the blame for any crimes that occur. You should educate yourself about animals suffer through the vegan movement before misuse milk. Because you are a human, you ought to exercise reason. Time has changed and your emotions are being utilized well. Be smart and have a courage to face the reality and change you habit accordingly to save poor animals and humans and nation.

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