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I'm the story of Web 2.0

I write, so I'm here I'm a word and I'm word . I'm characters that come out of the key pword to the world of space wide. before entering the Internet to Egypt I keep my words and my thoughts inside my office no one knows it. When I discovered this charming world I felt that heaven opened their doors yes heaven, now only my words and my thoughts can fly to the whole world. I will tell my stories to every bady
It's time to learn the knowledge, change, debate ideas ,and viewpoints now I'm seeing the world in my house I travel , Have Fun ,angered and Athor I do all things I want .
Web 2.0 Revolution for me is the information revolution, knowledge and learning. Ox stereotypes, and on everything Old dilapidated and all ideas ballet. Nicest thing in the Web revolution it from making young men to be their property are only but and Samhawwa for adults to share why not 
More than anything excites me in the use of Web 2 g 0 is the knowledge, learning and aviation my ideas in this virtual world
Web helped a lot in the empowerment of women is to learn and know Tri world different points of view and choose what suits them from new teaching methods or business or friendship or dream you want to achieve. This is her feel it like Eastern man who has been being confined at home and closed all the roads knowledge. The existence of the Internet and the Web does not exist for the doors and windows closed. Lower open for everything science, knowledge, arts, culture, willpower, wishes, dreams
My biggest proof to enable myself to these tools were my words and my thoughts were trapped inside me there is no one listens, but after having Intranet and Web created a blog in my name want to speak from 2007 until now.
Codified my thoughts and I knew myself more and I knew new people else I told about everything I see and feel it for any intercepted about anything I want repaired

With time I met friends from blogging and worked with the team for making books and then went out to the general work and I started work in the field of human rights because of the web and bring us all together on one dream, the liberation of our country from corruption and created a revolution Egypt Revolution lotus gathered from blogs and Facebook and Twitter and created our dream and're still continuingwhere in order to achieve our dream of complete freedom,
I still try to Carry the old dream is to be a journalist on my blog. Finally managed to myself and this the most beautiful and the biggest thing I did in my life, I found myself I'm the words I'm the story

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