immigration deportation

Art done by me isabelleize

Photo Credit: isabelleize (ME)

immigration system that separated children and parents , art done by me isabelleize

Immigration wanted to deport me but keep my children in the USA,

I was only trying to get away from an abusive relationship,

(we were married) , and go back home to France

my husband decided to not file the paperwork needed for me to be legal,

He became violent in all sort,

I had to call 800 numbers, while he was at work, hoping to find someone to help me escape this situation.

The last time I tried to call the police, I ran to the neighbors, they called my husband, because they were neighbors and did not want problems,

when I finally called the police, while my husband was in the house after he had just abused me, physically and mentally, once again, I was told by the police, that I was going to be deported if I press the charge and that because my children were the US. citizens, they were going to stay in the USA.

So I let him go, did not file a charge, but ran away, later when I could, hiding, with my children and fighting against an application that was denied twice by the immigration, I was helped by the association of the coalition, in South Carolina,

and we decided to go public,

But the story ends up in a strange way, I cannot tell you all about it here, because it is too long, and graphic, but I was able to go back home to France, I just wanted to talk about my story, because I think the immigration is not doing the right thing, not always for the right reason, and a lot more women had to endure the same situation, only they are not as lucky as I was

the story becomes even stranger if tell you, who and how I won my fight and kept my children,

I do want to say I met another woman, in that same situation, She had 4 children,

This happened in the year 200O

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