Important update and reminder for applicants

Hello Everyone!

We are so excited to see each and every one of you here. Before you begin the application, there are just a few reminders we'd like to cover. If you have any questions, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still don't see your answer, please post to the Applicants Group and we will respond as soon as we can.

  1. The Applicants Classroom is live! This is where you go to find your learning materials and your assignments over the next four weeks. Please make sure you read the directions carefully, and post your assignments to your personal journal. Go to

  2. Criteria for choosing 30 Correspondents: We have posted the criteria on the landing page of this group. Please review it before starting your first assignment!

  3. Intake Survey. Please make sure you fill out the intake survey before September 15th! Go to

  4. Posting to the Voices of Our Future Applicants Group. This group is for important application announcements and for questions regarding the application process. Although we absolutely love hearing all your stories and your voices, we ask that you post your personal stories in your journal. Each time someone posts to the group, everyone gets a “new activity” notification. With over 500 applicants, all these notifications can get to be a little overwhelming, especially for new community members.

The best way to engage with this group and the larger PulseWire community is to post to your journal, and to ask people to become your friends by going to their profile and clicking on “add to my community”. Then, whenever you post a new journal entry, all your friends will see it!

  1. Activity Notifications and email. If you are receiving too many activity notifications in your inbox and would like to turn off these notifications, just follow these simple directions:

  • a. Go to your journal
    b. Go to “Edit Account”
    c. Go to “Edit Notifications”
    d. Uncheck the third box which says “Yes! Notify me of new posts in the groups I am subscribed to”.

  1. Important dates to remember! Please note, there are a few slight date changes from our original Frequently Asked Questions post.

    September 15: Application process begins
    September 21: 1st Application Assignment Due
    September 21: Week 2 materials released on Application Classroom
    September 28: 2nd Application Assignment Due
    September 28: Week 3 materials released on Application Classroom
    October 5: 3rd Application Assignment Due
    October 5: Week 4 materials released on Application Classroom
    October 12: Final Application Assignment Due
    October 13: Application process ends
    October 31: Correspondents announced!

  1. PulseWire Getting Started Guide. If you haven’t already read through this, we suggest you do! It is a great introduction to being part of our amazing, online community. Go to

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