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It's never too late to say Happy New Year to my World Pulse family of greatness. How have you decided to kick-start the year? Maybe a fitness challenge, a sporting event or an initiative; it can only be an exceptional year once you identify what or who inspires you to greatness. 

I have placed my goal on reading more. I want to read about great minds who took on challenges and learned from experience—reading about women who have achieved greatness by beating the stigma of discrimination and low self-esteem among their peers and the opposite sex. 

The big question would be, why read and why now? Last year, I spent so much time being busy that I forgot how fun it could be to have some free time for myself and my kids, chase my goals and strive to hit the mark on my potential as a freelancer. I forgot all that, and it took a toll on my body and mind. 

In 2022, things are looking up already, starting with this beautiful young lady I stumbled across in reading up. Nadia is the definition of the phrase 'there is no limit to achieving greatness.'

She is the one! Read NADIA NADIM's story to understand why she is my January inspiration for an incredible year ahead.

 There is no reason to keep up with the excuse of time, opportunity or availability. If your goals matter to you, take the time to see them through. If it looks like the opportunity to execute them is slim, it doesn't mean you should give up; slow down and think of a Plan B where more people could key into your vision. If the resources to make it happen are next to nothing, create what you can with what you got. Afterwards, you'll make enough to create what you want. 

No extraordinary vision can successfully come to light without a bit of a hitch here and there. But that's the fun part. Having a story behind the success makes you an inspiration to someone else someday. 

So, choose your inspiration wisely. What is that thing or the person who pushes you to be the best version of yourself? How do you intend to make 2022 your year to succeed? For me, I intend to read and develop the creed that would make me a lead in my dreams. 

Be inspired to aspire for higher goals and, at the same time, inspire someone to aspire for greatness in 2022.

Love and light sisters

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