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11th of January,the date of our date,was a date that most Kenyans would'nt have dared travel,or even move out-doors,but we did.(The country was bloody,and still is,the skirmishes caused by rigging of votes).I from Migori and Anne-Christine from The United States.We were supposed to meet on the 10th,but i could'nt make it because The Rift Valley was impassable,and there is no alternative route.Somehow i had to sneak to Nairobi,if AC could from so far,why not me?I went round through Kisumu,and flew over The Rift Valley,and found AC in Nairobi.

All members of Our Organization,Jacolo Rural Women,got gifts.Even though living positive,the moments must not always be,gloomy 24/7.......not when you have tools to serve yourself and the community.Our tools finally came with AC,and today we are different!We are shining!We recieved a computer and 2 printers,and since then,life has never been the same.More tools were handed over to me.AC managed to pave way for our organization, through meetings,to be able to meet,discuss and work with other organizations.

I got to meet,as you must have seen in AC's report,CARE KENYA,Monique Tondoi and Ian Van Engelgem,the Medical co-ordinator,both of MSF.There was Rebecca of WOFAK,and Anne Njogu,a political aspirant of the nullified Kamukunji elections who also directs a Human Rights Organization.We visited Nairobi Womens Hospital,and deliberated alot on issues of rape and abuse,and on the present war situation.

In between AC did lots of interviewing and video shooting.

Back in our hotel room,i recieved alot of printed material from AC,including Where There Is No Doctor,which is quite handy in our rural setting.

I will not mention everything.I will not give the details of having missed pizza for long and clearing my plate over lunch with AC.

Our time was short,but much was done.I was trained by AC on how to use the computer and how to use PulseWIre,and now i am on skype!That night we slept after 2 and up at 6!

Now i work affordably,and with all convenience!



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