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In solidarity

We suddenly opened our eyes to a new world, and as we grow, we realized that we were born into a patriarchal world, where every wealth has been hijacked by males; what is left for us is the solidarity of women; the magic that creates sustainable wealth.


Once upon a time, there was a woman who wallow in abject poverty and self pity, her tears were her sweetest taste of pleasure,  her dreams were her only source of joy and her future was a blank slate that brings untold inner pain. One day, she met a woman who heard about her dreams and decided to make it a reality. And another moon came, the following year, she was able to take pictures of that dreams, because it became a reality because of the wealth of a kind sister. 


My life story,  set me in a retrospective mood, in our community, the reign of women is an abomination, only kings reign; queens are supposed to sit, smile and nod, her opinions are neither sought nor entertained, but the solidarity of women  in our community reigns in every corner, because  the wealth of women is the manure of a nation.


I visited a community two years ago where only pregnant women are circumcised to show women's resilience, after an investigation with a male nurse who is an indidene of that community, I later found out that the solidarity of women is the only transformer needed to create an everlasting change; only elderly women are the custodian of that custom. 


I know of a tribe, where widowhood is a show of shame to victimise women, especially women who who they had some grievances with, while her husband was alive, deep within me, I know that the wisdom of women can eradicate the custom.


Sometime ago, I watched a video of a community where only women live, these are women who escaped abuse. They found safety amongst themselves and they decided to build an empire for themselves , a communal business and unity in spite of their diversities;  that is a spiritual togetherness . The wealth of women can create friendship, contentment, sisterhood, safety and prosperity at the same time.


There is a community, where women are caned until they sustained everlasting injuries on their bodies, marks left on their bodies are like hundreds of crawling snakes on a rock. Each mark signifies the strength of that woman while defending her husband, in that community, the wealth of the Women is their solidarity.


I have read about some women who became their sisters keeper by trashing any husband who violated his wife, these are women of wealthy wisdom . These women live in India, a country notorious for gender inequality. 

Have you heard about a belief, that the second menstruation of a girl child, should be in her husband's house? It's the wealth of women that will put a definite stop to it. No mother will watch her ten year old daughter being handed to a rapist. Empowered mothers are the wealth of women.


Unforgettable Malala, that Pakistani shero, who has a lot in common with my sister Zeph, is another wealth of women, she received a woman's wealth in order to be able to defy those horrible Taliban rules, she was able to change the course of history globally. She is an example of women's wealth, because in solidarity,  great women placed her gallantry on their shoulders, to be able to make ground breaking exploits.


Do you know that, in some communities in Nigeria,  educating a girl child is counted as a waste of resources? The wealth of women will educate every girl child in such communities, very soon, when all mother's are educated, the pride of their hearts would be their daughters in their glowing graduation gowns.


There is a girl called Mikaila, she is the founder of Me and Bees received a 1940s cookbook and a special recipe for flaxseed lemonade from her great granny Helen, she put her granny recipe to use just for a children's business competition. That great granny recipe became a ground breaking and life changing business for Mikaila today. Granny wealth of women is not just in her recipe but in her spiritual support too.


I am privileged to know that in some Asian communities, many people still believe that menstruation is a disease, i am happy to inform you that, the wealth of knowledge of Urmila Chanam and other sisters in India is smashing such taboos.

There was a lady that I know too well, her father sternly informed her that her education died, the day her mother died, I am glad to let you know that, she is now in her last lap as a quantity surveyor in a Nigerian university because, the solidarity of an online connection created a change in her life.


There was a time when breast ironing was a Cameroonian thing, one of my sister, in collaboration with other sisters arose in holy anger, they established gender danger and clamp on such traditional harmful practices by educating thousands of people in Cameroon.  You may want to meet or know my sister, she is Lena, her wealth sets girls free.


There was a period in my life, when I see myself as not better off than trash, every blessed day found my self esteem diminishing, one day, I woke up from a righteous slumber, with the wealth of my sisters, I became wealthy in numerous skills, my skills became an unending source of wealth that liberates other women. The wealth that could create more wealth from trash became a gold mine.  In no time, I came to realise that the power of  sisters solidarity solidifies sound systemic wealth for other women worldwide.


What is women's wealth without sisterhood solidarity? Its just ephemeral things. But, lasting wealth that creates permanent transformation can only be found when women are united in genuine love and can not just offer shoulders to cry upon in times of trouble, but will also help sisters to manage large wealth and celebrate their successes. 


You are invited to our Colleen Centre in Ibasa, there you can listen to women survivor of abuse, narrating their stories of escape from brutality , their escape were made possible because some women came together to say enough! Helped them to create a new wealth that leads to a better life; the umbilical cord of every woman's wealth has its source in a navel of a stronger woman.

Economic Power
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