insecure regions where a gun is more basic than even food

Insecure regions where a Gun is more basic than even food.

What insecurity has turned a woman to, women have for long time known to be good creatures of God who only helped God to take care of the universe by taking care of the young ones and the family and at times even the environment. It’s really true that the environment we live in, trains us, if one comes from hardship areas meaning they should develop a mechanism to cope with it.

Some two years ago there was a documentary of women from Turkana community, how women were sparing some of their time to train on how to use the gun, it’s not that they love it but the insecurity in the region has forced them to go the men’s way. This all is to defend themselves in case of an attack.

My question is should we carry guns on our backs or is our young ones we should carry? Is it Jericans of water we should carry or is it the gun we should? Is it firewoods we should carry or the gun? Should we add a gun to be a basic need in every homestead? Because is alike a life companion now, We don’t like guns but insecurity in the area has forced us to embrace the it

We walk a lot in search of water and firewood, we go for kilometers we cover long distances and remember it’s not under the shade we are doing all this but under the heat of the sun of not less than 37degrees, to worsen I should carry a gun for my security, the gun is heavy, water and firewood is heavy to, what am I? Am I a woman or a vehicle? Is this what insecurity has turned women living in the Kenyan borders to be?

Turkana community borders three countries, Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan, as we all know boarders are not good places, they are ever insecure, we are attacked from all corners yet we are just a small tribe that if security issues is not taken care, the tribe will extinct.

We are Turkanas but we are Kenyans, we deserve protection just like any other Kenyans, we have right to live just like other Kenyans, the Constitution that protect Kenyans is the same Constitution that protects Turkana people

Our women should enjoy freedom of movements just like a woman living In NAIROBI who does not require a police officer to be next to her for her to go on with her daily chores. she should enjoy the freedom of being in her own country.

Kenyan Government should bring enough of its military forces to the borders, it’s Government duty to protect its borders, the government should not take advantage of our location to expose us to death. After that then the government is now free to take guns from us.

It’s enough now, At least when I will be talking to other tribes they will be comfortable talking to me unlike today where their questions to me are. do you know how to use a gun?? Do you have one at your place?? Or are you walking with one?? For them when they see this tribe they have seen shifters, killers. Turkanas are good people they will give water, milk meat to strangers if they happen to stop by their homestead before even they talk to them. They are such awelcoming people..the problem is just the environment they are in. (Insecurity!the song of the day)

It’s because of insecurity that we dont get education, a place can develop if the security is good,

insecurity issues Is the reason ; why many people are running away from their countries but we are patriotic to this country that’s why we are protecting our Kenyan boarders yet we are not Kenyan army. Kenyan Government should be greatful to us for what we have done for years that’s why you should take the duty of protecting your borders, we need to take our children to school, we want to change the face of Turkana, we want to develop our county this becomes possible if you assure us of security. We know you can, if you are able to provide security to individuals, your ministers, mps, senators. Then it will not be difficult for you to provide security to a group. Not just a group but citizens.

For years we thought our cry will reach our government via our leaders( politicians )but they just forget everything when they start using aeroplanes, they forget that kitale _lodwar road is insecure for those who use the road. They forget that Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia borders are unsafe, people are killed daily. women, children and the youth loose their lives daily, they are forced to get in their manyattas when it’s still day time because they fear for their lives.

Our women should be care takers for their families, they should be mother’s, they should be be good wives to their husbands but not Gun holders. Let’s give them the dignity of being a woman.

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