International Condom Day 2024: Promoting Sexual Health and Responsibility

The chosen theme for International Condom Day 2024 emphasizes the importance of community empowerment and safeguarding future well-being through collective efforts in promoting sexual health.

The Edo State Ministry of Health, in collaboration with stakeholders like SOTHAWACA, arranged a public walk to educate and spread awareness about condom usage, preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and promoting reproductive rights.

At SOTHAWACA, we've ramped up advocacy initiatives to press governments and policymakers for prioritizing sexual health education, eliminating legal obstacles to condom access, and investing in comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.

We are convinced that the active engagement of youth in advocacy, peer education, and grassroots movements holds the power to foster positive transformations and question societal attitudes regarding sexuality and the use of condoms.

We believe that implementing intersectional approaches, which consider the specific needs and experiences of various populations, can help close gaps in accessing sexual health services and advance inclusivity and equity.

International collaborations and partnerships involving governments, civil society organizations, and private sector stakeholders are vital for promoting global initiatives on sexual and reproductive health, as articulated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

International Condom Day 2024 underscores the continual importance of emphasizing sexual health and responsibility within our communities and societies. Through the adoption of evidence-backed approaches, the dismantling of stigma, and the promotion of cooperation across various sectors, we aim to advance towards a future where individuals possess the understanding, support, and empowerment to make educated decisions regarding their sexual well-being, ultimately ensuring their welfare and securing their futures.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights
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