International Day of the Girl Child - 11/10/18

The girl child! the girl child!

I am a girl, I am a girl,

I can do anything, I can be anything

Oh how beautiful I am, oh how i am powerful,

I need education society and not marriage,

I need protection my dear love ones not pampering

Above all I need security and love,

I do not need your sympathy, I need you to feel my pain, give me empathy.

As a girl child, I am vulnerable but can be strong

I change the world with my words of love

I need your support not mockery,

Make me strong and powerful,

I am meek and intelligent, teach me tenderness, teach me love, 

I need to be respected not abuse, I need care and attention as the girl child.

I am a girl child, I do not want a drop out from school,

 I do not want early marriage,

I do not want abductions, 

I do not want pity!

I want to be love, I want to be respected, I want to be protected, and I want security.

This makes me the girl child!


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