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Introducing my journey as an Entrepreneur

When I decided to drop it all and pursue a career in Entrepreneurship three years + ago,

I never imagined there will be days I'll question my decision. I dint think there will be days I will have to drag myself out of bed feeling tired. I certainly dint realise I will have to  sometimes remind myself daily why I went on this journey in the first place.

It has been an incredible 3 years and counting. One I am proud I took✊. One filled with many little wins, tiny yet progressive steps and countless lessons learnt. 

And off course no regrets

My name is Eposi Frida, I am an Entrepreneur pars expérience, a business consultant, a #TechAdvocate and a young woman in Leadership. I run a platform ( The African Enterprising Woman )  that seeks to empower over 3000 woman and girls by 2025, to become innovative leaders and entrepreneurs for an innovative Africa.

I believe adequate mentorship is what we need in #Africa for sustainability.

I am a Cameroonian ,  I look forward to learning, sharing and networking.



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