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Introducing myself and my journal

About Me:
I'm in the process with other women of forming a gathering to introduce a call I received from the Divine for all women the world over.The first of these gatherings will be held in my country. I pray that as much women as possible accept the call it is critical to the welfare of the planet. Here is the ad.
This event will be held on Saturday 19th March 2011 at Siegert Square, Woodbrook Port of spain Trinidad
or just opposite 58 Alberto st. Woodbrook Port of Spain.


Women of the Way is a call from Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to all women
of every nation, culture, race, religion and walk of life to come together in the spirit of
sisterly love and unity, to formulate and implement plans to eradicate every kind of
deception, racism, exploitation, social injustice and corruption in the societies of our world,
in defense of the Principal Law and Commandments of Our Divine Creator and Father
in heaven.

This 'CALL' will create a platform for speakers with enlightened messages
geared towards increasing the awareness of what is really happening in our
world and on planet earth. Speeches that will also be geared towards bringing
about the spirit of Christ Consciousness in all human beings.

We must be prepared to stand up against all forms of exploitation, corruption and
deception, AT ALL COST in our world.

We must be the voice for the broken spirit and the oppressed { especially } those
who have no voice.

We must be the ear that listens to those who do not have an audience.

Coming Together To Discuss The CALLING

If there are issues that you feel passionate about for e.g. being a woman in today's
world, family issues, social problems, social injustice, ethics in the business world and
work place, situations in your country or matters of a global scale, what ever it is 'WOMEN
OF THE WAY' is the platform to express whatever you feel passionately about, so long as your
contribution will bring about a better understanding of what's happening in our world,
around us and most important WHAT'S HAPPENING INSIDE OF US.

Everything 'under the sun' that affects our spiritual well being in one way or another
is worthy of discussion. That being said, there are hundreds of topics that one can bring
to the table, but of course only a certain amount of issues can be dealt with at any one
meeting. However with patience, patience with one another, perseverance and moral
support for each other combined with regular meetings the full purpose of the
message will be realised.

P.S. God can speak through anyone of any social status, walk of life, occupation,
religion, race, social background and culture.

If you are interested in coming together to speak about this message
please contact the following persons

Sandra 1868 797 1670 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1868 797 1670 end_of_the_skype_highlighting call anytime

Debbie 1868 733 1917 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1868 733 1917 end_of_the_skype_highlighting call anytime

Hazel 1868 778 5448 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1868 778 5448 end_of_the_skype_highlighting after 4pm.


My Passions:
canvas painting, spending time alone to reflect on myself, speaking to persons with like minds

My Challenges:
surrendering my perception of all things and everything to the wisdom, omnipotence and infinity of Spirit.

My Vision for the Future:
That peoples of all nations, religions and walk of life embrace each others spirit under the banner of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS

My Areas of Expertise:

Latin America and the Caribbean
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