Introducing myself and my journal

About Me:
Am the Director of the Registered NGO in Uganda that is working among the youth to restore morals and values in all aspects of life. our Vision is to nurture a generation with value.
Our aim is to bring to an end the moral decay in our today's society through our young Generation by availing them the right people to inspire,train,groom,mentor and instill a value in their lives for their benefit and the world at large.
our mission is to train and equip our young generation with the practical skills to restore the values in all aspects of life.
our website is and facebook is The Rising Sun Family

My Passions:
Is to nurture a generation with values

My Challenges:
luck of funds to fulfill my vision

My Vision for the Future:
To see our youth groomed with morals and values

My Areas of Expertise:
The Youth

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