Introducing myself and my journaL

About Me:
I am an American woman, divorced from an abusive Spanish husband and in retaliation for having the courage to file a complaint against my ex-husbands' repeated threats to kill me if I ever left him, a corrupt Spanish judicial systems has:

  • illegally and unconstitutionally abducted my children

  • embezzled all of my assets ($1,000,000+ including my website ( and thrown me on the street destitute, forcing me to return to the USA to continue my custody battle

  • obliged ME to pay child support to my ex-husband with no funds with which to do so

  • given me full responsibilty of all financial liabilities of the family with no funds or means with which to assume these debts

  • and now are in the process of initiating criminal procedures against me so that if I ever return to Spain for my children I will be incarcerated.

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