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Introducing myself and my journal: Advocacy Communication and Sustainable Development through Information Technology.

About Me:
I am a social worker, heading and NGO called Nagaland Centre for Human Development and Information Technology (NCHD-IT) in a small State in North East India for the last 15 years, working with the farmers of my State.All the staffs in the organization working in the office and in the field are all women. We believe that that if we turn Back to the Soil can bring sustainable development. The word development is spoken, written and heard all the time in all States, Countries and the World at large but till date this word Development is not felt to my poor farmers.

What is the definition of Development to you? For us it is not about infrastructure development but it is about mindset development and helping them get the three basic needs food, clothing and shelter.

In Naga Customs Women have no place in Society. Women have to take care of their whole family, she has to go to the field and returning back she has to fetch water and if any mistake she is at the receiving end.We have encourage the farmers to cultivate different crops and the organization help them to market their products. But the financial and other support that we give is in the name of the lady of the family. The accounts each household is in her name and even after the sale it will be deposited in her account. This automatically gives her a position in her house in many ways.

We have a communication center in each village, electricity is very poor. Our field workers of the organization meet them twice a week for one to three hours, once a week on educating them on their crops (Agriculture), Health, Sanitation and related issues and the other day of the week is to discuss the problems and developments in their own houses and even in their community. During this discussion, it is connected with Web Cams to the Head Office at Dimapur where we make sure to have an expert during this discussion hour at the head office through Video Conferencing .

This way we try to educate them, counsel them and also give them a position so that they can have a say in their own houses, community and also help their family grow economically.

My Passions:
Is to see that our Naga Women hold importatn position in the community and even in the parliament and the farmers are successfull and self sustained

My Challenges:
Customs and Traditional, financial and manpower

My Vision for the Future:
To see that Nagaland is seen in the World map through this developments

My Areas of Expertise:
Human Resources Development

South and Central Asia
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