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Introducing myself and my journal: Communauty conflits in Ruzizi Plaine: Gender and peace process

About Me:
- Good understanding of the elaboration of humanitarian action plan, contingency plans, elaboration of strategic plan and Cluster approach, RRM, PEAR, …
- Participation in various studies based on MARP approach or participative diagnosis, nutrition survey, livelihood assessment, social and economic leading to the orientation to the implementation of integrated projects of installation of returned in the North and South Kivu as well as in Ituri district.
- Elaboration of strategies based on the living means and coordination mechanisms between Humanitarian actors and those of Development during the transition phase (post emergency), etc
- High experience in planning, implementation and follow up of activities of projects implemented in perfect conditions by international, local and official partners.
- Good mastering of management and elaboration of follow up and evaluation tools for community and emergency projects.
- High experience in my role of advocacy, interface between humanitarians, authorities and armed groups in the aim of negotiating access and widening of humanitarian space and mobilizing resources to respond to humanitarian needs.
- Good capacity of analysing the political, security context and their implication in humanitarian situation.
- High experience in purchase procedures, in Logistics management and in Humanitarian assistance distribution.
- Remarkable capacity in term of continuous training to comity members and partners on grass root level.

My Passions:
To support woman NGOs to promote gender équality in their activities

My Challenges:
Promote culture through the promotion of gender equality

My Vision for the Future:
Ensuring women's empowerment for the harmonious development of Congolese society.

My Areas of Expertise:
More than 10 years of work experience in the context of humanitarian crisis management ( war, Rwandan and Burundian refugees, displaced, repatriated, returned, epidemics, volcanoes eruption, ecological catastrophes, etc ) and post emergency in the easter

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