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Introducing myself and my journal: Empowering women of (Madhesh ) Terai area of Nepal

Mandwi's working area is empowering women specially least focused womens living in terai area of Nepal since 2009.
Creates the conditions to empower the Nepalese women of terai ( Madhesh) through research, advocacy, litigation and capacity building for economic growth and opportunity by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

Mandwai is guided by a set of principles to build creative and trusting relationships among minority people, their organizations and government to meet program standards as follows:

• give priority to the needs and interests of the people we serve;
• encourage self reliance and avoid creating dependency;
• are based on the authentic participation of people in programs that affect their lives;
• respect and foster human rights, both socio-economic and civil-political;
• seek to enhance gender equity and social inclusion; and
• Understand and respect the history and culture of the people we serve.

Nepalese people’s basic rights are guaranteed through social, economic, environmental and political justice.
• To act as watchdog in the areas of environment conservation, women rights and child welfare, by virtue of alternative dispute resolution, negotiations and litigation.
• To increase government and private sector accountability and transparency through good governance.
• To conduct research aimed at identifying underlying causes of the problems at the various levels of Community and specifically targeted area
• To enhance the capacities of local government and CBOs through training, seminars, workshops and other means of information dissemination.
• To support in resolving the Local level disputes at Community level
• To enhance, build and aware the Community about environmental Degradation /Problem
• To support the women who are victimized by Domestic Violence
• To support the Human rights, Women rights and Children rights approaches
• To support and advocate for formation and implementation of Truth and Reconciliation Commission and other constitutional bodies of Govt. of Nepal

On Going Projects
Women’s Right Awareness Program
Legal AID for Women and poor people

a. Radio Program SUNU SAKHI on current affairs related with Women’s issues at 7.15 pm on Friday on Janakpur FM 101.8 MH

Mandwi'd address:

DAO Reg. No.1464
Pan No.303799238
SWC Affiliated No.28504
Head Office
Mandwi 'empowring women'
Gaur-3, Rauthat
Mobile: 9745001352

Contact Office:
Mandwi 'empowring women'
Milanchowk, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Phone: 01-2043708
Mobile: 9841756378

Contact Office:
Mandwi 'empowring women'
Pirariyamaithan, Ward No.-4, Jankapurdham
Mobile: 9844021237

Contact Office:
Mandwi 'empowring women'
Jaleshwor municipality Ward No-5
Mobile: 9844029689

Contact Office:
Mandwi 'empowring women'


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