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Introducing myself and my journal: Empowerment of woman in Africa

About Me:
I am a Nigeria attorney with extensive experience in litigating human rights cases, research, publication, legislative advocacy and legal aid and assistance. My passion particularly lies in the area of women and children. I have a master in international law and human rights for St Thomas University School of Law Miami, Florida and i am presently a doctoral candidate of law at University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Pennsylvania. I was fortunate to represent my organization before the African Commission of Human and People's Rights, in Banjul, The Gambia. Bringing before the Commission the human rights deterioration in Nigeria and the travesty of justice experienced every day.

I love to travel. I have being to numerous African countries, United States of America, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland. I love to put my thoughts on paper and share it with the world. I have authored and co - authored numerous articles and publications most of which borders on women human rights and developmental issues.

I am the last of 5 biological siblings, you can call me the big baby of the family. I have an adopted brother and sister whom i adore so very much. I am a fun person who exhumes positivity at all times, i love to laugh, meet people and share ideas. I see myself as an extrovert but could be shy sometimes. I relax by just listening to soft music, reading an easy novel and generally enjoy my domain whilst basking in the ambiance of my environment. I am a scrabble addict and can play scrabble back to back for 24 I used to play basketball till i hurt my knee. I love my music, it keeps me sane and i love my movies too, i like to keep up with recently released movies. I believe in God and i try to be a better person each day.

My goal in life is to make positive impact in the lives of people everywhere through my work and to be able to be the voice of the voiceless and less privileged.

My Passions:
Human Rights Advocacy

My Challenges:
finding people with the kind of mindset and passion that i have for human rights work

My Vision for the Future:
My vision for the future is to see the unification of mankind and the acceptance of all despite our race, colour, language, background and sex.

My Areas of Expertise:
International law, international human rights law.

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