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Introducing myself and my journal: Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

About Me:
Maimoona is also working as CEO of Sattar Enterprises. She established this business in 2007 and start exporting salt products to different countries. Sattar Enterprises are manufacturers of Himalayan rock salt lamps in hundreds of beautiful designs also manufacturers of Himalayan crystal rock salt licks in Pakistan for cattle & pet animals licking salt. Rock salt is commonly used to line roads in colder climates to help lower the melting point of water and reduce icing. Salt bricks and tiles are available in standard and customized sizes. These products are used as decorative items and as healing agents in different allergies and for asthmatic patients. Other products like edible table salt. PVD Salt, Salt Mash, De-icing Salt, Animal Licking salt etc. Target markets for our products are Europe, US and cold climate countries.

Women Business Incubation Center (WBIC), under the flagship of Small & Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), Ministry of Industries (GOP), has succeeded in creating an exclusive female oriented environment where Women Entrepreneurs are offered every kind of business support under one roof since 2006.
Maimoona.A.Sattar worked as Project Manager Women Business Incubation Center (WBIC), Lahore for 6 years. She is responsible for making and implementing plans and projects for women to enhance their skills and make them self sufficient in their earnings. She is also responsible for arranging training programs and seminars on different business and social issues for women entrepreneurs. She also conducts /arranges counseling sessions for their capacity building and self grooming.
As Project Manager WBIC with in three years more than 4000 women from different part of the country especially rural areas seek business guidance and counseling.

Provide guidance for product development, after evaluation of the skills and products of WEs provide them business links of the local and national market. Women entrepreneurs who live in remote areas but have good skill are given counseling to meet the quality standards and trends of big cities and latter on provide market links to sell out their goods. The WEs living in Haripur, Chakwal, Peshawar, Pindi Bhatiyan, and Hafiz bad were given orders for handicrafts, woolen shawls and other stuff. They are also provided the business links of wholesale local markets.
To provide them good outlets and market exposure arrange exhibition and fairs in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. Women Entrepreneurs are also informed about international fairs and exhibitions. They are facilitated by providing good events hotel reservation, air fairs shipment details etc.The some of the exhibitions where women were provided subsidized stalls are:
Provide links to women entrepreneurs of lending agencies, micro finance banks, NGOs etc to get loans and funding to start or establish their businesses. I do have working relation with Kashaf foundation, Business Support Fund, SME Bank, First Women Bank, Akhwat, Gehwara Foundation etc. women who need small loans are guided towards these banks, NGOs and agencies to get small loans they are also facilitated if they require some legal guidance in this regards,

My Passions:
work for women economic empowerment

My Challenges:
social and financial hurdles for women entrepreneurship development in Pakistan

My Vision for the Future:
women are the strength for the economy of the country. They must encourage to participate in the economic activities of the country

My Areas of Expertise:
entrepreneurship develpment

South and Central Asia
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