Introducing myself and my journal: Exploring Traditional Villages in Arica and thier method for existence

About Me:
I am a Sudanese porn US citizen, currently residing and working in New York, United States as a Sr. architect / LEED AP.
My family and I grew up in a village since my childhood in Sudan, where local villagers grow their own produce and built their homes with stones and mud using natural, bio-regional and ecologically sound materials, and despite utilities such as electricity, gas and domestic water were not available to villagers at that time, and sanitary systems and storm water management had not been developed yet; we were still united by shared ecological, social economic and cultural spiritual values. I have M.S in Green Building; and currently enrolled in the Ph.D. Degree in Ecological Design.

My Passions:
I desire to attain masterful skills and higher understanding in pursuit of creating more environmental friendly towns and cities

My Vision for the Future:
Promoting sustainable practices that makes a lasting, positive impact on the community.

My Areas of Expertise:
Architecure, BIM, Sustaiable Design

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