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Introducing myself and my journal: Have we been ignoring out of spite or guilt or plain fear?

About Me:
There is nothing out of the ordinary about me. I am an A grade university student, female of course, in Journalism and anthropology in Bangladesh.I assume my country name has spoken for herself as to how much scope I have to grow in the world. I still do come from a country where home economics and certain organized professions are given preference when it comes to women. Journalism, anthropology are yet male disciplined paths and apart from that studying it and practicing it are two very different things. As a woman I am expected more to consider my reputation and carve it in a way that is stipulated for my society and my last goal is to find myself a suitable man who will marry me. I have even had my parents, picking absolutely no good doing men who have no ulterior aim in their life but I am expected to like them because I am educated and they are afraid due to my intelligence men will not like me. have you heard of that before? I am not sure. I have even had statements like \" you are being educated so you find a nice man to marry\". I am seeking for a generous scholarship that will help me flee from this country where women are considered to be a back seat of a car in every aspect of life except giving birth. Please do help me if you are reading this. not only me, but there are so many more women here who are being forced by the second to give up their aspirations to settle for a \"suitable man\". There are worse scenarios, form where I am coming from. Do take a breath to read this. I even work for activism nonetheless that have been shut down by fundamentalists and people who reside here and are apparently PHD holders.

My Passions:
Writing, Poetry, Research, Movies, Music and Football.

My Challenges:
To grow up and be able to be a journalist without being expected to give up for societal reasons.

My Vision for the Future:
To be a world famous journalist

My Areas of Expertise:
Journalism and Poetry

South and Central Asia
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