Introducing myself and my journal: My Life

About Me:
Tell about yourself? has always been the most difficult question for me, whether it be in any job interview or anywhere else. But this question sometimes strikes me so much that I start thinking very deeply. Till now I haven't found proper answer to this question. I don't remember since when I lost my identity or may be I never had any identity. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, mother of two, friend of some, yet I find all these identities of mine insufficient to describe myself. Whenever I face this question I feel a strong urge to find the proper answer to it. And I start looking inside me and around me searching myself. I search myself in every step of life. I am thriving to find myself and I know very soon I will be able to find myself.

My Passions:
stop discrimination everywhere

My Challenges:
fight against discrimination

My Vision for the Future:
Equal opportunity for all

My Areas of Expertise:
interpersonal communication

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