Introducing myself and my journal: Nigerian Educationl Reform!!!

About Me:
Olumide ‘Lumee Idowu is a graduate of Statistics, University of Abuja, FCT. He established Youth Alive Initiative (YAI) in 2007 to address the challenges faced by youth in the community.

As a teenager, Olumide organized youth club meetings in his home during which members discussed youth related issues. As a result, his passion for change leads him to initiative Youth Alive Initiative (YAI), which focuses on providing support and training for young people in several areas including HIV/AIDS, Peer Pressure, Self Confidence and United Nations Millennium Development Goals through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Youth Alive Initiative (YAI) runs youth-friendly, gender sensitive in Abuja which provides a platform for healthily interaction and counseling for young people.

Olumide 'Lumee Idowu has implemented several projects which includes, Computer Literacy Project, The Role of Youth in Community Development, Answer Solution and Knowledge (ASK) around HIV/AIDS, Young Entrepreneurship (YES), Switch ICT Project. These projects have collectively reached 1,500 young Nigerians.

Olumide 'Lumee Idowu is a critical thinker, advocate, good risk taker, facilitator, young development actor with special interest in youth entrepreneurship and ICT (Information Communication Technology) capacity building. Presently an Ambassador for Microsoft Nigeria. (MISSPIN).

He volunteered for a youth-led capacity building and involved in wonderful youth activities which includes Youth Alive Initiative as the National Coordinator, Project Director AIESEC Abuja-Nigeria (July 2007 till date), founding member of One Magazine, Integrity Magazine. Development in Africa (Abuja Coordinator).

Olumide 'Lumee Idowu is a writer of articles, poems, both short and long stories and all kinds of writing. Writer with some magazines in Nigeria like the Comet, Vanguard, and some other Magazines in my present institution magazines.

My Passions:
To be the change Nigeria needs

My Challenges:

My Vision for the Future:
To make Nigeria and the world a better place for all.

My Areas of Expertise:
Reading, Browsing, Communication and Community Development

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