Introducing myself and my journal: Old and Curious

About Me:
I am 57 years old. I live on an intentional community in rural northern California. We raise sheep and sell the meat, wool and wool products. I have a shop in town, and sell organic cotton and Peruvian textiles. The Peruvian textiles are from the Center of Traditional Textiles in Cusco, a collective of weaving villages working to support and strengthen weaving traditions in the Andes. I make sheets and bedding with the organic cotton which mostly comes from Gujarat, India. I am also a weaver. I do Navajo style weaving, and am just learning backstrap weaving.

I have a BS in Geology and an MS in Water Resources. I have worked in the environmental and water sectors for many years. I have worked on legislation, cleanups, initiatives and education. For example I started the recycling and wildlife protection programs at the power company I worked for in Arizona. I also worked for the AZ Department of Environmental Quality and worked on groundwater quality protection. I now write and consult in writing grants for water, waste water and environmental conservation projects. My latest efforts are going toward facilitating cohousing projects. I think this will be an important new and economic way for people to enjoy growing old together.

As for international work, I did my thesis work on domestic water issues in the Mahaweli Resettlement and Irrigation Scheme in Sri Lanka. I also worked with Water For People to bring small, low-tech water projects to rural Mexico and Honduras. I investigated protecting forests in Central America as a way to get carbon credits for the power company. I think there is more to that (culture and people wise) than is being adequately considered.

I have most recently started back to school to study anthropology. I do believe that this is my true calling! I may try to obtain another degree in this field.

My Passions:
anthropology, traveling, learning, donkeys, horses, goats, mountains, hiking, music

My Challenges:
finding a project that I can really help and that is really helpful

My Vision for the Future:
less consumerism, more sharing

My Areas of Expertise:
water, waste water, grant writing

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