Introducing myself and my journal: Re;Holy Ghost Ressurection Power Ministries

About Me:
Dickson Aropu Etyang

P.O.Box 50930 00100

Nairobi Kenya

To: Whom it may concern.

Re; Holy Ghost Resurrection Power Ministries international.

My names are Dickson Aropu Etyang, iam an evangelist and by God’s
grace the founder of the Holy Ghost Resurrection Power Ministries
international. But just to give a little bit of my history,

I was born by Florence Auma Etyang and Martin Etyang. Unfortunately
all of them are now diseased.

My parents past away when I was young and I was left with my maternal
grandmother, who raised me up until today. However Preaching is not
something that I started today or yesterday but I even used to preach
while I was at school.

But God has given me this ministry (Holy Ghost Resurrection Power) and
the burden for the ministry. That is why am writing to you this letter
not because I have other intentions but so that the burden that God
has deposited in me may be lifted.

We believe that with God all things are possible just according to his
word in Luke 18:27.

The bible also tells us that we should seek and we shall find, we
should knock and the door will be open to us and we should also ask
and we shall be given. (Matt 7).

Dear friend this is the reason am writing to you this letter servant
of God, so that you may partake off the blessings of God as you
support towards this ministries progress. For the bible tells us to
bear one another’s burden for this is the will of our father in
heaven. We are raising finances for buying equipments for the ministry
and the equipments are worth

200,000 shillings. OR $ 3330 DOLLARS.

We also want to hire a hall in the city center to the ministries
headquarters Howe aver getting rent for the ministry needs 3moths
deposit of 600,000 shillings and a one month rent of
200,000.shillings.Kindly contribute towards buying the equipments for
the ministry and paying the rent for the ministry and God will greatly
bless you. Thank you so much child of God and as your contributing
towards this ministry we pray for you that,

“May the lord make his face to shine upon you and may he also be
gracious to you. Numbers 6:25”.

If you would like to send your donations Via M pesa. The M pesa number
is +254720244679.

Or call Evangelist Dickson Aropu Etyang on 0720244679.


My Passions:
To serve the lord all the days of my life

My Challenges:
Financial crises

My Vision for the Future:
To establish centres all over the world and empower servants of God

My Areas of Expertise:
Evangelism and Intercession

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