Introducing myself and my journal: Salmon Run

About Me:
I'm a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Uganda, 2004-2006: I worked with primary teachers and community leaders on HIV/AIDS prevention projects), a community activist, a poet and a caretaker. I currently work in a public library, and I recently volunteered to help start a summer farmer's market in my neighborhood. This fall I'll resume reading with children in a local elementary school, I'm planning to take some Volunteer Literacy Tutoring classes so that I can work with adults one on one to improve their reading and writing skills. For me the best way to know about what's happening in the world has always been by hearing people tell their stories, either in person or through music, books and art. Meeting and sharing with women from all over world would be a powerful way to be active in our global community.

My Passions:
Reading/writing, the arts, exploring the outdoors

My Challenges:
Finding a better job situation that allows me to earn more and utilizes my skills.

My Vision for the Future:
A world without poverty or war

My Areas of Expertise:
Community organizing, writing

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