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Introducing myself and my journal: Saving Humanity

About Me:I was born in South Africa, with roots in India. My childhood experience as a discriminated citizen, jolted me quickly into the search for truth and the eternal question: Who am I? My parents could not complete high school as they struggled to support their families. Yet, despite minimum education they overcame all odds to become entrepreneurs and instilled in me values that I treasure even today.

One of my life-changing moment occurred at age 16 when I was thrown out of pre-med univeristy after beign attacked during a peaceful free Mandela meeting. Eventually I left to the USA, on a working scholarship. I worked very hard while at the same time studying. Armed with my post-doctorate and a passion to make a difference, I lived and worked solo in six countries.

While I was a medical device scientist in Switzerland my career expanded to natural wellness after losing my father to heart disease and helping my mother recover from breast cancer.

Throughout my life, I have experienced many situations in various cultures, amidst various belief systems and classes of people, that make me realize that humanity is in dire need of transformation. So my work is part of my lifestyle...and is dedicated to inspiring humans to tap into the power of their own humanity, naturally.

To date some of my work has manifested in Dr. Vie Research which pioneered Dr. Vie SuperFoods in 2004. Dr. Vie SuperKids mentors children & Dr. Vie Academy with Dr. Vie Super-Conscious Programs educates adults to elders.

My book Taming The Female Impostor is focused on the global female crises (how females can free themselves of the chains of restrictive thinking, the Impostor Syndrome) and I hope to help billions of women, children and elders around the world, to lead rewarding lives and to save humanity from the plight it is in

My Passions:mountain climbing, nature, supporting mother nature, helping all beings

My Challenges:How to emphasize the human nature in a world driven by material gain and beset with technological-mechanical obsession that destroys natural life.

My Vision for the Future:Humans will evolve into a species of advanced humanity able to access their natural powers of super-consciousness that is far beyond any artificial intelligence or machines or need for sensual obsessions.

My Areas of Expertise:holistic natural health, yogic science, natural health scientist, medical device scientist, natural foods, organic farmlands, inspirational speaker, radio show host, natural food, entrepreneurship, mentoring, education

Human Rights
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