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Introducing myself and my journal: Shedding Light On Little Truths.. Giving Hope... Causing Transformation...

About Me:
29 year old Nigerian working in the telecoms industry I decided to make my passion a reality by starting a none profit that brings Nigerians together working hand in hand and sharing ideas that can bring about positive change to our great Nation.

For 2013 I have come up with the CPR and Emergency Response project and am available to carry out free CPR and Emergency Response trainings for schools, private organizations and government.

50% of Nigerians are not trained in basic emergency response skills such as first aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and that it gives the dyeing man an 80% chance of survival.

20% will respond to situations of emergency negatively out of fear of blame or ignorance.

30% of Nigerians know what to do in an emergency but may or may not make the right decision.
The emergency response system is not accessible to the society.

The clean slate project seeks to change this from the grass root through Free CPR and Emergency Response trainings children and adults

Ensuring that a working emergency response communication and first impact system exists
Working hand in hand with law makers to ensure that life and safety of every Nigerian is seen as priority upon arrival at the hospital in situations of emergency.

Impacts of the project will be:

Having a better informed masses that places the life of their fellow citizens in high priority.

Change of hospital policies to favor the injured.

Skill improvement and specialization through the introduction of paramedics.

Employment opportunities will be created for unemployed graduates.

Create new relationships with international organizations through partnerships thereby strengthening Nigeria’s international ties.

Save and Preserve lives.

I would be glad to have more people both within and outside Nigeria join me in this campaign to transform Nigeria's emergency response system and culture in 2013.

My Passions:
Giving back to the community, Helping the Needy, Business, travelling

My Challenges:
Getting the masses to want to access this free trainings, Funding & Support

My Vision for the Future:
To see a Nigeria were everyone prioritizes the safety and life of their fellow country man in all ramaifications.

My Areas of Expertise:
Customer Service, Rresearch, IT, Management

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