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Introducing myself and my journal: We were all born to make a difference!

About Me:
I am a young Nigerian who currently resides in the beautiful city of Abuja. I Like my country and region, I am particularly interested in peace building, visionary, pro-active and responsive leadership and sustainable development in Africa, I have a deep concern on the state of things in my country, Africa and the world. I believe I have a role to play to bring about a lasting change, and leave the world better than i met it. Actually, I consider myself to be gifted for a reason, especially to help women and children, youths, leaders and nations (in discovering and using their potential) for the common good of humanity. I am adventurous, creative, growing and leaning daily of ways to save the world one way on another, by inspiring and changing the mindset of people who will change the world. Did I mention that I am an idealist? Currently I'm trying to form an organization that can impact positively on the next generation leaders (youths) for the sole purpose of reducing corruption, the real bane of development in Africa. I truly believe in the power of youth to bring about positive social change within their societies. The youth are a strong, steadfast and reliable change agent for social transformation, who with the right tools can bring rapid change and sustainable development in their regions.

My Passions:
Leadership, creativity, youth and women's empowerment, living out my passions, politics, relationships, knowledge, human rights, spirituality

My Challenges:
procrastination, self-doubt, focus, discipline

My Vision for the Future:
To inspire and support young women and youths in realising their worth and potential in their personal and professional lives, helping them to remain relevant in the scheme of things.

My Areas of Expertise:
I don't see myself as an 'expert' but I have worked and developed skills in : potential discovery, creativity, psychology (in view), leadership, democracy, health and youth empowerment. Also, networking, and project/program management.

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