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Introducing myself and my journal: Women are the backbone

About Me:
Elizabeh Andony-Traoré born February 15, 1968 in Libreville (Gabon), is a British businesswoman and a mother(a title which I am most proud of.) I acquire my British citizenship in 2003.
Daughter of Albert and Theresa Nzoghe Etoh both former diplomats and the granddaughter of John Robert Etoh, a senior official in Gabon and figurehead whose life is taught in schools in Gabon.
I love literature and am fascinated by foreign languages. In 1976, I moved to Germany with my family because my mother served as a diplomat at the Embassy of Gabon in Bonn-Bad Godesberg. I was educated in the Christian religion and attended private institutions such as the French school of Bonn, Christian doctrine in Strasbourg or boarding Kalkhuhl German Ernst-Gymnasium Bonn. In 1988, after obtaining High school qualification, I enrolled at the University of Nancy 2 courses in Applied Foreign Languages ​​before starting training BTS Commerce International Correspondence at the center of Vanves. After graduation, I furthered my education at the London Metropolitan University formerly University of North London, where I obtained a Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences. After completion of my university studies, I am fluent in English, French, Italian, German and several African dialects.
Following several years of service as an interpreter / translator for governments, I founded in 2003 ILSEC (International Language Services Express) specializing in Translation and Interpreting African dialects. I worked tirelessly to be the voice of the less privileged through providing interpretation and translation services.
In 2004, ILSEC was requested to provide interpreters for the Sudanese government in the negotiation of the Agreement Peace United States. Over time, the company gained credibility, reputation and two of my company interpreters Andrew Kuon and Bullen Bol were ministers in their country.
Meanwhile, between 2004 and 2005 I took a training in portfolio management and asset with citisolutions Financial (UK)(.an umbrella company of Citigroup) to meet the growing needs of its clients. After a while I decided to extend the scope of ILSEC., and in 2008 ILSEC became Save You Time a concierge company that offers customers a wide range of diverse and varied services of high quality at competitive prices. The company is recognized for its ability to save time. Still not knowing how I could best serve the Central African region, I came up with in 2009, CMOLondon Consulting dedicated to the promotion of business opportunities in the six countries of the CEMAC region (Gabon, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Central and Congo Brazzaville), which consists of two entities CMOLondon a \"club of thoughts\" (Think Tank) which members include politicians, businessmen, PhD, journalists, scientists, sociologists and everyone with a common interest in the region CEMAC. The idea is to create a suitable place to facilitate synergies and trade between Central Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland to encourage investment from Europe to Africa. CMOLondon also includes a consulting firm political communication, political lobbying and geopolitical strategy for the countries of the CEMAC.
Last but not least I am very involved in humanitarian causes and assist as much as possible to charity galas. I support in particular the Didier Drogba Foundation and many more. I am very much sensible to the plague of women and children that's why I very support education for the most vulnerable, the impact that broadening access to education to young women can have on the world is tremendous. Strong education systems will put an end to this inequalities that we are witnessing around the world, especially in Africa. I am much more optimistic than ever about the impact of education for women in Central Africa region. This will give them a chance to lift themselves out of poverty and enable them to access the best medical care. To educate a woman is to educate a nation.
I also have my on charity\"Friends of the Central Africa\", which aim is to combat poverty in Central Africa (Cemac region) alleviate the high mortality rate of new born, AIDS virus by providing educational,moral and financial support to young and vulnerable women. In 2011, I created the Fondation Jean Robert Etoh in honour of my maternal grandfather, that aims to bring moral and financial support to widows and orphans of police men or women in Gabon.

My Passions:
Mentor and educate young people, Africa, meeting and getting to know other races and cultures

My Challenges:
to accomplish my mission here on Earth

My Vision for the Future:
More women in Leadership position

My Areas of Expertise:
Languages, Communication, Speaking at conference,

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