Introducing myself and my journal: women of light

About Me:
I am a born again Christian, Serving the lord in women ministry especially women from marginalized tribe in our country the Maasai and Samburu and street families. I believe where Jesus is there is light and when you experience his love and give him a chance to control your life, your life will be full of light. This will help you to impact the lives of others around you. Am sharing this love of Jesus and taking the light to women in my country. Maasai women are considered by their men as children! they have no say in the family, they go through a lot of humiliation. Female Genital mutilation, battering, early marriages and no opportunity to serve the Lord in Churches. I believe we need to educate them and impact them with the word because the word is life.

My Passions:
Serving God among my community

My Challenges:
Lack of resources

My Vision for the Future:
To raise many women to leadership, Disciple them in the word of God to be true christians who can impact the lives of those living around them and their community

My Areas of Expertise:
Evangelism/Project management/Community development

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