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Introducing myself and my journal: Women's voices

About Me:
I was born 46years ago in the North West Region of Cameroon. After obtaining the ordinary levels certificate. I was admitted into a professional school where i obtained a diploma as specialist in community development. I furthered my studies and obtained the A level certificate and a Bsc degree in sociology.
My professional career began when i set up a business as hairdresser after trying to obtain a place into the public service in vain. My failure motivated me to focus on the privata sector. With the advent of the HIV/AIDS and seeing its devastating effects in Sub Saharan Africa, my country included, i quickly acquired training as a voluntary psycho-social counsellor. It later earned me membership and later a job with The Society For Women anb AIDS in Africa the Cameroom branch (SWAAC). During my years with this NGO , i was exposed to the plight of the down trodden especially women and the girl child. This gave me the zeal to contribute in turning things arround. I became a feminist anb gender militant . I am also one of those who 23years ago took active part in the march to install multipartism in my country. I am a militant of the leading opposition party. Today i am assistant national secreatry for human rights and freedoms. In the year 2007, after receiving capacity building from UNIFEM today UNWOMEN, we came up with The Network for More Women In Politics where i hold the post of Assistant National Coodinator. My dream is to see women occupying more posts in the administration and elective positions.

My Passions:
reading, singing, travelling , dancing and watcing documentaries

My Challenges:
they are numerous. adminstrative bottlenecks and feminised poverty amongst others

My Vision for the Future:
an equitale society where women and men shall enjoy equal opportunities

My Areas of Expertise:
interpretation, public presentations, gender manstreaming. and the promotion of human rights

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