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Introduction to THE CHARLENE SHOW

The Charlene Show Discusses Taboos, Social, Cultural, Religious, Life Style And Human Interest Stories.

Hello fellow GoGetters, Inspiring and Unstoppable Women.

For years i had the vision to impact individuals and communities across the world through a talk show. In 2021 a massive door opened for me and my vision became a reality. Today i bring you The Charlene Show. My talk show discusses taboos, social, cultural, religious, life style and human interest stories. My talk show aims to address and/or bring awareness to conflicts, to provide information and to educate. The Charlene Show includes guests of various expertise levels and consists of evolving episodes that focus on differing perspectives in respect to important issues in society, culture, religion and other popular areas.

My vision is for The Charlene Show's viewership to be Global with its episodes reaching every corner of the world.

I plan to collaborate with as many World Pulse sisters as possible who may want to come through to my show and discuss any subject that they are passionate about or which they would want to see change or bring awareness about. Please let me know if you would want to be part of my initiative. Distance is not a barrier.

I really appreciate you comments/suggestions regarding the show's programming which you can send on The Charlene Show's social media sites' comment sections or via Email on

I also call upon the World Pulse community to kindly support my initiative by liking, following and/or subscribing to my social media sites below:

1. YouTube:

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I believe that one’s selfless service to the world will forge a place in the human chain of love shown by people who came before us and by people who will follow us. Let us continue being the change we want to see.


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