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Is the World Ignoring the Tears and Blood of English Speaking Cameroonians?

Exposing the atrocities on Social Media
Beaten and violated by soldiers
Taxi drivers letting out passengers to join the strike in the town of Buea

When the confines of homes are no longer safe for the frail and women begin to hear the voices of five year olds crying “Mommy!!!!!” as they flee from armed soldiers who are ready to kill and rape on instructions from government authorities, it is time to speak out! “No one speaks for me,I speak for myself!” blood is spilling and we are burnt out from the exhaustion of our wailings but our cries are yet to be heeded to by the government of La Republique and the International Community.Silence is not an option.If we rise and speak out we MIGHT be set free but if we are silent we will CERTAINLY remain in chains!

Cameroon`s 34 year old government is being accused of blatantly abusing, ignoring and neglecting English Speaking Cameroonians in the country. Citizens are being killed, raped, wounded and arrested for asking for their rights. The country is constitutionally bi-cultural, bilingual and Bi-jural. However, most official documents are published in French. Recruitment examinations are presented to English speaking students in very poor English as a result of poor English translation from original French texts.The seven year Anglo-Saxon education system of primary education has been curtailed to six years to mimic the French system, French speaking teachers who can barely speak English are assigned to teach English speaking students in English schools, French speaking magistrates with no notion of English law and language are sent to preside in courts in English speaking regions.Infrastructural development of anglophone Cameroon is not on the government`s priority list.The Head of State sparingly utters a word in English or uses the shortest phrases possible in the seldom moments when he does. All these have fostered fears and suspicions of a government harmonization scheme to merge the Anglophones into the French system. We are not ready to give up our English roots.

Cameroon, formerly referred to as Kamerun was colonized by Germany before the First World War. After the war, Cameroon was divided between France and Britain with France taking 80% and Britain 20%.French Cameroon was granted independence in 1960 and in 1961 Southern Cameroon voted in a referendum to gain independence from British rule by joining The Republic of Cameroon in lieu of Nigeria. Southern Cameroon was initially governed as a Federal State in the Federal Republic of Cameroon but in 1972,her autonomy was scrapped by the Ahmado Ahidjo government when the federal constitution was replaced by a Unitary Constitution. Initiating what has been described as an unholy marriage between La Republique and Southern Cameroon. A marriage that became most abusive beginning from 1982 when President Biya took over power and created a one party State.Multi-partism was forced into existence in the whole of Cameroon the 90`s in the town of Bamenda which till date is the country`s main opposition strong hold .Since then Paul Biya has not lost his firm grip to power. He has put in place a loose electoral system that permits the rigging of elections and ensured a carefully crafted division in the opposition camp.He has modified the constitution to permit his continuous eligibility to run for the office of president.

Thousands of English speaking Cameroonians are taking to the streets in English speaking towns of Cameroon and demanding for freedom(The unholy marriage has broken down irretrievably and divorce is the only option) In the nation`s opposition stronghold Bamenda,citizens have declared their readiness to embrace death in the face of military brutalization .Their cry:The marginalization of millions of English speaking Cameroonians. Their request: freedom from the pangs of “Francophonization” through secession or the restoration of a Federation. Unanimously, they want to be free from the tyranny of French Cameroon. In response, government troops have invaded English Cameroon territories, breaking into homes and student hostels, arresting, raping, brutalizing and killing even those who have made the choice to stay indoors. Over 100 arrests have been recorded, three deaths according to the opposition and 1 according to the government. The state media has chosen not to run any reports about this.On November 28, Parliamentarians and Senators of the main opposition party, The Social Democratic Front joined the fight by marching to the office of the North West Governor to complain against government sponsored brutalization of English speaking Cameroonians.

Just as the women`s cult, Takembeng used “woman power” to force these soldiers out of Bamenda in the early 90`s, leading to the successful birth of multi-partism in Cameroon, I am calling on all women in Anglophone Cameroon to unite in prayer and strategized action more than ever before. The blood of our innocent brothers and sisters shall not flow in vain. We call the spirits of the heads that have rolled to cry out in vengeance against the oppressors of our people. Finally, I am looking up to you women of the world here on World Pulse. Will you be silent and passive and watch the perishing of the innocent? No one in English Cameroon is safe! Not even those who choose to hide in their homes. We call on the international community to give us attention before this turns into a bloody massacre.

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