#IStandWithHer - Fighting against Gender-based Violence

My name is Marwa Kennedy working with Childslife Organization in partnership with www.lastmile4d.org. We are working in Kuria Community in Kenya to fight FGM and Gender Based Violence (GBV). We have joined hands with but not limited to community chiefs and administrators, religious leaders, healthcare officers, teachers, parents and girls.

We are creating awareness on complications of FGM by enlightening both girls and parents on short-term and long-term complications and emotional effects of FGM by use of educational modules provided by www.lastmile4d.org.

The experience is overwhelming as majority of the parents have been moved by our teachings and have vowed to join us hands and speak one Voice ‘STOP FGM and GBV.’ Girls have gained self-confidence and have stood up to say NO to FGM and fight for their rights.

It is so unfortunate that majority of the women are experiencing a lot of complications and challenges when giving birth and while having sex yet they could not relate these problems to the cut they underwent more than 10 years ago. It’s through our teachings that they have realized the reality of complications of FGM and they have open up making other parents to realize the reality of our teachings on the long-term complications of FGM.

www.lastmile4d.org is playing a substantial role through provision of V-PACK  that provides a great online platform to easily monitor the progress of the registered uncut girls in terms of their confidence to say NO to FGM and their level of risk to undergo the cut, easily communicate among the project officers and coordinators and providing teaching modules to the girls and parents. We are working tirelessly to ensure no girl is going through the cut and we are taking diligent approaches towards the fight against the vice that includes but not limited to providing shelter to the girls during the circumcision period/season.  Security personnel is working with us to ensure anybody who tries to pose a threat to a girl child is dealt according to the law.

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