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Some years ago I engaged in the compulsory National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) for all full time graduates of Nigerian Universities in the northern part of the country. While the experience was filled with anticipations, new discoveries and excitements, one thing was always a nightmare for me and my roommates-sleeping at night!

We literally slept with rodents, cockroaches etc. Each time I had to go the extra length of keeping my food, clothes and utensils safe. If I had a reason to keep my utensils after washing, I would wash it again when I’m ready to use. We would use potties to ease nature’s call or be ready to be in a competition with rodents or get infected. This largely impacted my health, mentally too I must say.

Although this wasn’t largely our fault because the accommodation was getting dilapidated when we got there but we also had to suffer for it.

This brings us to the conclusion that, keeping the environment clean is not just about yourself, it’s a reflection of your love and care for others. If you are paid to take care of public facilities, please be kind enough to see that those facilities are in good conditions. If you use a public facility, ensure to keep it clean so that the next person can use it. Your external environment goes a long way in affecting your internal environment (health).

Wastes are a byproduct of our daily activities and we can’t as much as avoid them but we can do well in trashing them properly, or taking them through the right channel for recycling or as the case maybe.

Keeping a clean environment requires the effort of everyone. It doesn’t happen all at once but “IT CAN START WITH YOU”.

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