Jerry's tragic absence:The untold part of losing a student to death.

Towards the end of last term, specifically in December, a parent called to inform the school management that her son was unwell and wouldn't be able to sit for the term's examinations. The head of the school then contacted me, the boy's form mistress, to record the reason for his absence.

As the new school year began, my excitement to see everyone return was dampened by the absence of this particular boy. I wondered if he hadn't resumed yet or had traveled to the village, a common practice among students there. Often, their reasons for skipping school are a series of unending sojourns due to various reasons.

Maintaining my composure, the second week passed without a trace of the boy in class. His absence was unmistakable since this young soul radiated the most heartwarming smiles.

In the third week, I asked his classmates to lead me to Jerry's house, and they chorused that Jerry was dead. Bewildered, I inquired further, some of them,were of the opinion that it was his younger brother who had passed away,I was left confused.

Seeking clarification, I visited the school management, where the assistant head informed me that Jerry's brother had just left her office, tearfully recounting the tragic news.

Numb and with cold feet, I struggled to comprehend that this cool-headed, ever-smiling young soul was gone forever. Losing a student is genuinely heartbreaking. May Jerry's gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.

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