Jodi Huisentruit

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Photo Credit: Crime Spotlight


Everyone's favorite, admirable, attractive, magnectic. Her presence was impossible to stay away from. The news anchor, was kidnapped on June 7, 1995, outside her apartment in Mason, City Iowa. It was dark when she was grabbed by a stranger next to her car; as she was getting ready to report news live in the morning on the KIMT-TV. Since she went missing she hasn't been found and no one is connected to her case. Nobody has been charged for crime.

However a suspect has been found someone whom she used to have close ties with, which seemed as though it was an intimate relationship. The scene of a white van, one missing red shoe, her burnt car keys and other clues still haunts till this day.

Who was watching Jodi from a distance?

Who abducted Jodi Huisentruit?

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