Joy Killer, Breast Cancer!

Breast cancer is a phase that takes a lot from a woman. From the joy of bonding with the child at infancy through breastfeeding to being away to seek proper medication. This phase is horrifying, they just hang in there trying to be strong for their loved ones and themselves even when they are extremely damaged from the inside out of fear of leaving unannounced and when their loved ones need them the most.

Darling sisters and mothers I want you to know that being a cancer patient doesn’t make you less human so don’t look down on yourself. Nobody knows what the next moment will unwrap so put the negativity behind you and enjoy life to the fullest. Shunning negativity is not shying away from reality, it is accepting reality and choosing to flourish in it.

Breast cancer warriors, you’re incredible heroines, fighting the draining nightmare and growing through it isn’t a walk in the park but you did it, kudos to that. You’re special humans because God gave you another chance in life to fulfill yourself, be grateful, and get the very best out of it, I mean dream and achieve all your goals.

I’m glad you won the battle for learning to live with cancer is not easy, it takes time to digest and accept the reality. Treating it requires strength, patience, and finances but despite everything you choose to fight, that is heroic. The aftermath of most breast cancer treatments are scars, low self-esteem, and lifetime side effects, don’t worry you will be all right, after all, you have fought the bigger demon and defeated it.

The scars are a sign of heroism, that a strong lady didn’t accept defeat rather she showed up and fought the fight, and even though she got a scratch from it, she made it. You’re the strength of many so show off your scars boldly, they are beautiful and they describe the strength in you, a vivid evidence that showed up for the war. 

And finally, to the fallen soldiers of breast cancer, you are not any less, you gave the fight the best shot that you could but sadly the trials were overcome by the phase. You did well for yourselves by fighting longer I mean the duration from the diagnosis to your death, rest easy warriors!

Lastly, I want you to know that the journey of treating breast cancer is huge and draining so in the event you suspect you might be suffering from it, seek medical attention sooner because ignoring the signs is dangerous and it means it will only slow down the treatment journey. Breast cancer is not a curse but rather a health disorder so pray for divine healing seek treatment as well, do your best, and leave the rest to God. God uplifts those showing the effort, for faith without action is dead!

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