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Kisumu World Aids Day Marathon Training with the Kenya Re Running Crew!!

It’s no secret that life in Africa is hard. But in that place of discomfort there is a tremendous room for growth. I have stretched my potential more in a month here than I did in a year in the comfort of my home. Life in Africa is incredibly rewarding because of just how challenging it is. Once I eschewed the possibility of comfort, the frightening, uncertain leap I longed to take became my best and only option. The choices are as abundant as there are grains of sand in the sea and all you have to do is take the first step. You will leave your footprint and You will be rewarded.

Life also feels closer to the earth here… or is it just that terrible network connection preventing Internet overuse as a distraction from real life? ;) Like everyone here, I have gotten more resourceful, I’ve even learned to open coconuts without a machete! And I’m eating A LOT of coconut meat.

As for the Rescue Center, we’re gearing up to start laying tiles in the next week. A few Angel donors already have their names on some tiles! Would you like your name on a tile and a picture to go with it? Please consider making another donation or encourage a friend or family member to join us, we’re still looking to reach our fundraising goal, and have some new exiting initiatives coming up so please hold off your holiday shopping until further notice!

December 1st is World Aids Day, and on that day Kisumu GOES OFF!! The entire city lights up with events, free HIV testing kiosks, live music, dinners for orphans, and even a marathon! The founder of the run is an American with a story so inspiring I decided to run the half-marathon to raise funds for the Kisumu Rescue Center AND for meds to be given to well over 2,000 kids at the 3 pre-race orphan dinners! There will be more info on this to come… but for now…

I’ve accidentally started the “Kenya RE: Running Crew,” (The KRRC) basically a bunch of kids and a white lady running around in our compound. It began with just a few kids trailing me but it has mushroomed and they keep up in FLIP FLOPS or BAREFOOT! One girl heeded my advice on shoes and showed up the following run with a pair of boy’s oversized soccer shoes. She had a rough time but kept up with no complaints! Please contact me if you can donate for a pair of shoes.
I have to admit we’re a funny sight. We get lots of stares, some laughs, and an old man even gave me a wink and a thumbs up, haha! It let me know people appreciate someone giving these children a little time, encouragement, guidance, and hope as many don’t get it elsewhere. I remind them the world’s best runners come from Kenya and that they too can be the best at anything they choose. They now believe they are part of something and can be more, they want to run the Kisumu Marathon with me.
You can see the 101 gang pictured above, Anita, the long legged promise of Kenya, Kayla who “loves America and loves Africa,” and Immaculate, the tiny, resilient future long-distance running champ of Kenya. The most recent crew is also pictured here. After running we sit outside my gate and learn to make one origami shape per run or we do stretches. We’ve made a shirt, and next time we’ll be making a dress.

TO all of you who’ve joined this great cause, Asante Sana for your belief in me and your support for the kids! Baraka!

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