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English translation provided by community member Liz Poulsen

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, gender-based violence is considered a starting point for Congolese women. We women, our declaration is that the Congolese government take us into consideration. Peace, security, and democracy are of great importance for women: that the Congolese government gives us dignity like it gives to men--why are women ignored? In other countries, women's rights are a crucial issue. So, respect for women's rights is good progress for us.

The separation of government reaches us in our country, in our province of Kalehe, precisely, in the chiefdom of Buloho. Now, we hope to leave this outdated world, for a marvelous one. If there are handouts for men, mothers (and girls) should benefit from them too, since a good government should share equally, because women are at stake. Why in our country do we talk about equality, when this is what fails? In the traditional world, women are considered to be tools or objects because of [\"busart coutime\"] that exists, that we are at the door of the new world.

We want to be educated through the whole \"plan\" [national curriculum?], because to educate a woman is to educate a whole nation. A girl who is not educated is distanced from societal development. Where is the article that says that a woman (or girl) doesn't have the right to inheritance? One thing to know is that a woman has the right to do anything in her family. She understands that all children are equal. A country in good development is one that recognizes these two parts. But for the Congolese government this is not the case.In the Congo, women don't have a word to say, neither in the family, in the church, or in the community--we are neglected. Our objective is that the government speaks about the problem that follows us mothers.

To close, the obligation of the government is that all women be educated through the whole \"plan.\" There is good evolution for women if the Congolese government addresses indigenous women, since they are the most ignored in all of the Congo, and they are the pioneers of our country.

Thank you to the supplier of this idea for women. We say thanks to you.

Gender-based Violence
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