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Let's Celebrate Diversity

Many times, I hear the already used phrase: "I want to change the world, I want to make the difference" but when saying it, many times, we are forgetting about a small detail; first, we have to be able to change ourselves. Yes, to change ourselves, to grow as an individual, learning and being educated in base of flexibility, tolerance, repect and solidarity, and consecuently we will start growing as a society. A society able to get enriched by all the different potentials, stories, cultures and realities that coexist all together. However, very often, this opportunity is not well exploited, but criticized. We have to celebrate that we are all different. We have to celebrate diversity.

And how can we reach this? Education. Education is the key to all this, to end with violence, to end with discrimination against what's "different". We are ALL different, we all believe in different gods, we prefer some politician over another, we come from different parts of the world; with our own cultures, traditions, knowledge, and also, with our own skin colour, with our own beauty. That's diversity, and it is something that we have to thank for and not extinguish it.

And among all this, I have a question: what is it to be "out of normal", because at the end, what is "normal" in this world?
What if all the landscapes that our mother-nature offers to us would be all the same? Would we have the desire to explore them? Would we be really thirsty of more? Luckily, nature is wise, and as the landscapes of each hidden part of the world, WE are also a product of nature, yes, of this wise nature. We all have something that belongs just to each one of us, that represents us and demonstrates us that it is good to be different, that it is great to be different.

Imagine this Universe without diversity...Passion wouldn't exist, and remember that she is the one that moves us to do what we want to achieve in life, to follow our dreams, to wake up every morning, and understand when somenone tells us: "Life's yours, explore it".

So, let's all roll up our sleeves and start working with passion towards that idyllic place we all imagine one day this world could be, never forgetting that what differentiate us, can make us stronger. Let's discover those "True Colours" to which Phil Collins refers. Let's make them shine. Let's make the difference.

Latin America and the Caribbean
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